Daniel Eboli´s "Sapiens Ludens"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Artist: Markus McKroo

Title: project 13
Genre: ????

This is the simply the worst song I ever heard.

It is also the worst caption I ever heard.

It is also the worst playing skills I ever heard.

All in all, horrible work.

Please kill yourself Markus.

I´ve never hear such a bad thing like that.

Horrible is a compliment in this case.

Do not hear it! Severe brain damage is likely.

I hope to survive this absurd.

Artist: Thomas J Marchant

Title: Sin of Envy
Genre: Alternative

Sometimes I like Thomas J songs and sometimes I don´t.

In this case I don´t liked it.


Because it doesn´t got that experimental felling you can find in his songs.

Perhaps it is too clean? Lol.

The chords progression is too childish to me, too happy. The 3/4 valse rhythm is too.. hummm... unapropriate for the ocasion, in my opinion.

I would like something more agressive and not so normal.

Drums sound is weak.

It is not like the TJM songs I know.

Could be better.

Please Thomas, come back, I urge you.


Title: Things You Do
Genre: Hiphop RnB

Guess what, there is no lyrics posted at the artists page. I wonder why.

Thisa is a soft beat with melodic female vocals and some rap.

Not bad but it is poor.

Nothing amazing going on here, it is just another hiphop song.

The female vocals are ok, got some expression but she is not breeding right. Also there are some notes inthe harmonization simply out of key. This happens sometimes ate the solo voice too.

The rap voice is timid, great lack of confidence.

The base, as usual, seems to be not imporatnt at all. It is poor and weak.

Overall sound not bad but weak.

Could be better.

Artist: Brett Howe

Title: Learn To Love Again
Genre: Acoustic

Another great one from Mr. Howe.

It is not particularly well engineered nop, it is preety much "from the bedroom" with hiss and noises, but it got life.

It is a simple love song. Simples chords, simple lyrics and the beauty of the vocal performance by Brett Howe.

The lyrics:

"...I'm just thinking about yesterday
And i still wish it could still be that way
If we could pick up all the broken pieces,
what would you say?

If we could learn to love again ..."

Simplicity is the most complex thing in music.

Here you have it in a magic way.

Artist: Boulevard Prose

Title: Against The World Alone
Genre: HipHop

Imagine that, there is no lyrics posted at the artist´s page. I don´t understand 100% with the weird accent. How can I ave an opinion if I don´t understand?

Thiis another hiphop song in a repetitive and boring base. Two chords all the time. Obviously music is not important here. Why not mute the instruments and leave just the drums?

The voice? Excellent performed, I like it a lot. It is a shame I can´t understand it. The voice sound is also excellent.

Unfortunately it is just someone rapping on top of anything. The music doesn´t matter here, could be anything.

It is not enough to me.

Could be better, a lot better.

Artist: Black Chamber

Title: Stalker
Genre: Experimental hiphop beat

All experimental music is great to me. The simple act of an artist running this path is absolutelly great to me. I hope someday I can do the same.

At first you can say it is just noise and a beat. But it is not.

The author post something that can help the understanding: "This is the mellow version of another song of mine called 'prey'. This time from the perspective of the stalker"

Yes, I can hear it and imagining a predator "stalking" the prey with the coldness of an animal.

There is some interesting, how can I say, screaming distorted noises. Sometimes it sounds like a guitar but I bet it is not.

Captive ambiences in a dense atmosphere.

Frighten and cold.

Interesting work for the experimental genre.

Could work great with a creepy rap singer like Cristopher Lee.

I can imagine also about Jon Bushaway wroting something and Larry Ludwick delivering the voice.

Imagine that?

Artist: Tomas David Hood

Title: ) The Offering (BMI
Genre: Guitar instrumental easy listening

Interesting info at the artist´s page:

"» highest in charts: # 1 (194,847 songs currently listed in Rock)
» highest in sub-genre: # 1 (41,741 songs currently listed in Rock > Rock General)
» today's position: # 9 in Rock
» today's position in sub-genre: # 3 in Rock General..."

First of all it is not rock.

I wonder if the fact that the author is a paying member at SC have something to do with the charts.

Let´s face it, #1 among 194,000 songs is a bit forced.

I´ve heard lots of songs better that this one at the genre that dont even got the top ten. I could give here a lot of examples.

This song is not bad but is boring as hell. Makes me yawn.

Guitar performance is ok but needs serious corrections on so called "digitations". Also, the choice of scales are not working to my ears.

I like the chords the author used here but the absent of a bass makes it difficult to understand.

The synth strings sound is weak for my taste, it is not working for me either.

Overall sound is crisp and clear. Excellent work at the mixing desk.

I have to be honest as usual, it is well done but I did not liked it.